Anise Seed Tea for Oral Health

There is a continuously growing community of people who appreciate herbal teas both for their unique and refreshing flavors, and for their health benefits. Herbal teas are often gentle, and come with many positive natural effects. For generations, they have been used for everything from digestion to immune boosting to emotional balance. A select few of these teas can also have some unexpected benefit. Anise seed tea is not only helpful in the body, but can actually impart benefits while you drink it, as it offers many useful effects that promote good oral health.

Pile of Anise Seeds

What Makes Oral Health Important

Though it is not often realized, our oral health shares a delicate balance with the rest of our body, and can impact and be impacted by our health overall. While some disease can negatively impact our oral health, poor oral health can also negatively affect the rest of our body. Our mouth is filled with approximately 700 different types of bacteria. Scientists have recently discovered that one of the most common types of bacteria found in the mouth has the ability to break through the gum’s defenses and slip through into the bloodstream, opening the way for it and other, more dangerous bacteria to cause infection in the body. This can lead to numerous types of serious illnesses. Pain caused by cavities, gum disease and other health issues can also cause significant stress, which leads to fatigue, inability to focus, a lowered immune system and other negative effects.

Star Anise on Wood

How Anise Seed Tea Helps Oral Health

Chief among its benefits for oral health is the antiseptic property of anise seed tea. Anise seeds are naturally antiseptic, able to eliminate various kinds of bacteria. This is highly beneficial in the mouth as it can help to control the bacteria population in the mouth and reduce the risk of oral and other types of infection. Because of this, anise seed tea may be used as a natural mouthwash. Anise seed tea may also help to numb the pain of a toothache, and because of its pleasant licorice flavor and aroma, it can also be used as a natural breath freshener.